The IOCOM Healthcare Platform

Multi-platform video collaboration for the global health market.

Technical USPs

Single platform – Multiple applications

Unique to IOCOM


Individual input streams can be laid out according to the personal preferences of users across multiple screens.


Send simultaneous data streams into meeting from any device. This includes diagnostic imaging capture.


Patient confidentiality and data security protected by 256 bit encryption technology. Highest on the market.


Feed high definition images from up to eight web or room cameras into a meeting from a single Mac or PC.

Software Infrastructure

No hardware restrictions ensuring an ease of deployment and a low cost of entry.


IOCOM provides advanced video collaboration capabilities in ONE platform

Fit for Purpose

Secure, Reliable, Enterprise Grade Technology Proven in the NHS

Multiple Health Services

Unlimited NHS services - Virtual wards, long term condition solutions & multi site MDTMs

ONE Platform

Connect Everyone – Hospitals, CCG, social care, private organisations and citizens

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Industrial scale deployment
Using existing hardware software solution
Lower support fees
Continuous enhancements

Platform & Hardware Agnostic

Build bespoke solutions using off the shelf or medical peripherals
Operates on PC, MAC, iOS, Android & can connect with H323,SIP & WebRtc


Add new features
Customize user interface
Integrate with existing systems

Video Meetings
Medical Education
Care Homes
Diagnostic Review
Primary Care

NHS Vision

IOCOM provides core tools for the new care models of the NHS by enabling next generation services

"NHS ONE is the result of working with a partner that was willing to invest and be flexible."

Tony Obayori

Associate Partner, South East
Commissioning Support Unit

IOCOM lies at the heart of the NHS ONE Video Business Platform. Used by over 100 separate NHS organisations, it brings together clinical and related stakeholders to deliver first-rate care on an effective and efficient basis.

"Our directors and staff have been very impressed with the system and its ease of use anywhere, anytime."

— Head of IT, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

CNWL employs approximately 7,000 staff to provide more than 300 different health services across 150 sites.

"Skype changed my personal life, IOCOM will change my business life by facilitating clinical interactions."

— Bhupinder Kholi, General Practitioner and Newham CCG Member

IOCOM enables doctors in general practice to spend more time with patients to facilitate more meaningful interactions without the need for time-consuming travel to the patient’s home.

"Having reviewed all the video providers, we chose the IOCOM platform."

— Merck Product Development Manager

IOCOM wins against other VC platforms because it offers limitless opportunities for meaningful communications and collaboration. Unlike our rivals, we deliver the true promise of business-ready collaboration.

"The solution allowed multiple site, multiple image conferencing and has transformed the way clinical meetings are held"

— Fiona Bonas, National Cancer Director, Supreme Council of Health,
Qatar and former West London Cancer Network Director

"IOCOM has helped make our vision a reality. Our patients and their carers’ can now have video linked consultations when they Request them 24 by 7."

— Bruce Pollington, Medical Director, Heart of Kent Hospice

"I started off wanting to buy a service but we ended up building one; it’s user friendly and affordable"

— Anthony Whittaker, ICT Strategy and Special Project manager
for NHS East of England Strategic Health Authority

"NHS ONE has enabled us to connect teams and improve team efficiency by utilizing high quality video and data sharing across a geographical location.

So far the software has handled anything we have trialed it to do. We are excited to continue to explore using NHSONE as part of our digital health future."

— John Deans, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust & Horizon Innovation Centre